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At Prime Pursuit Marketing, our team focuses on helping you reach all your business goals.

We have people in our group that vary from college graduates to those who only have a high school diploma. Our culture is all about people, and we genuinely focus on providing a no-seniority system...

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  • Great place to grow and learn. A lot of opportunity in such a short time span. Lots of support and mentoring with experienced people


    Sareagan Rahularaj

  • Great work atmosphere. The leaders are inspiring and lead with vision.


    Roshawn Beckford

  • Best manager/owners I have worked with. Alot of learnings and growth inside and outside the company


    Andrew Lagrazon

  • Working here is a great experience with a lot of opportunities to get better in your personal and work life. The field is a challenge but we always have way to solve those problems with teamwork. The office environment is something unmatched, feels like a family environment where everyone is helping your to reach your goals.


    Dylan Felix

  • Not just a job an opportunity to get out of that matrix.



  • Great place to learn new skills in not only marketing, but how to be successful in your everyday life. Love the atmosphere and the people here so much. If you’re looking run your own business and become and entrepreneur, definitely recommend this business.


    Katie King

  • Best working environment, there are literally no days when you wake up and don’t wanna show up at the office.


    Taransh Bhatnagar

  • The Atmosphere in the office is sensational, the work ethic that you can build here is second to none.


    Tobias Bogle-sanders (Icegiltin)

  • Its a really nice place to learn, meet and create yourself into your desired personality. Work environment is really awesome.


    Noorani Sherik

  • A great work environment! Management is very knowledgeable and always there to help.


    Theo Williamson

  • The best place I've worked in. the environment is extremely positive and everyone there is really goal driven. If youre somebody that wants fast growth and wants to work hard, I would definitely recommend!


    Alex El-husseini

  • Great place to work! Love Oumar, great guy


    Ayasmit Bhattacharya

  • Great growth opportunity with an amazing optimistic and positive team culture. Office environment is one of the best I've ever experienced! Best training program with people to support you and challenge you along the way to become the best version of you.


    Kenneth Nitsotolis

  • Great company to work with, run by intelligent and caring owners that have your best interest in mind.



  • Love the company, builds great leaders

    George Okeke

Why Prime

There’s so much scope in marketing. But you’re missing out if your channels don’t create an impression, make people laugh, raise curiosity, or push them to share. Our marketing-focused experts create unique content and effective marketing promotions that deliver personalized brand experiences to the buyers who matter most.

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Prime Pursuit Marketing works with leading brands to increase awareness, prominence and sales.

The ideal marketing strategy encompasses analysis, data, emotions, and logic. This blend of creative and scientific features will always be the recipe for long-term marketing success. When a client reaches us, we try to solve our client’s needs by understanding their business goals and working towards achieving them effectively.

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